I.V. & Oral Sedation

Tooth Ache WomanAs a Western North Carolina advanced-care periodontal dental office, we find that many patients have developed severe gum disease or had tooth loss because they were afraid of going to a dentist. This prevents people from having regular dental care, which allows small problems to severely worsen.

Many avoid going to the dentist for years, only “giving in” when something becomes so painful they can no longer delay treatment.

Is this you? Or, is this someone you know?
It is estimated that over 70% of American adults have some level of fear or anxiety when it comes to seeing a dentist. This unfortunate statistic is likely a significant reason for the high percentage of adults who suffer with some level of periodontal (gum) disease – over 47%.

Here, Periodontist Dr. Bill Claiborne makes patient comfort a priority at every visit. Our Asheville periodontal office is designed to pamper patients from the moment they enter.

For certain procedures as well as patients who prefer the addition of sedatives, we offer oral sedation as well as I.V. sedation (twilight sleep).

Oral sedation is a pill that helps patients relax. It also has an amnesiac effect, leaving most with little or no memory of treatment afterward.

I.V. sedation places the patient in a deeper sleep state, also erasing memory of the procedure. It is administered by a doctor of anesthesiology for optimal comfort and safety. In our office, this is overseen by Dr. Brad Stone, a Medical Doctor (MD) who is a board certified Anesthesiologist & Pediatric Anesthesiologist. https://www.biltmoreperiodontics.com/comprehensive-care-team/

With both sedation options, patients are closely monitored with advanced safety equipment throughout treatment.

When patients realize our goal is to provide exceptional care in TOTAL comfort, they relax. Over time, many patients feel they no longer need a sedative and become committed to having regular dental care.

Begin with a consultation appointment. During this private conversation, you can share your needs and concerns in a respectful, comfortable setting. From there, you can determine what next step is best for you.