Advantages of Dental Implants Are Many

Posted on Jan 18, 2017 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

When a patient is missing natural teeth or describes trying to eat with a ‘wobbly’ denture, I spend time explaining the advantages of Dental Implants. Although patients may also be considering other options, I find many don’t realize the unexpected future costs associated with less expensive methods.

Here are a few of the many reasons we feel make Dental Implants the ideal tooth replacement option:

• Dental Implants restore biting strength and chewing stability: Dental Implants are supported by the upper or lower jaw bone, just as natural tooth roots. After implants are placed in the bone, the bone grows around them to fully secure them in the jaw. This enables confident biting and chewing without fear of embarrassing slips or uncomfortable rubbing.

• Dental Implants help to prevent declining mass of the jaw bone: When natural tooth roots no longer exist in the jaw, the bone that once held them no longer has the nourishment and stimulation once channeled through the roots. This causes the bone to shrink and what continually changes the fit of a denture or partial. In addition to undependable biting and chewing, bone loss causes changes in facial appearance that are aging far beyond one’s actual years. An implant restores stimulation to the bone and halts the progress of bone loss.

• Dental Implants are successful: Dental Implants have one of the highest success rates of any in-bone implant in the body, including hips and knees. When properly selected, placed and maintained, they are designed to last your lifetime.

• Dental Implants are a one-time expense: Because Dental Implants do not decay, require root canals, crack or break, future expense for upkeep or repairs is not needed. The material they are made of biologically integrates with living bone and is not rejected nor will it cause adverse reactions to surrounding structures. With proper care, they will last as long throughout your life.

• Dental Implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support: Unlike crown-&-bridge combinations or partials, Dental Implants do not depend on adjacent teeth. And, because they help to preserve the bone that supports neighboring teeth, they are actually beneficial to the life of other natural teeth.

• Dental Implants support your overall health: The ability to eat a diet rich in healthy, fibrous and protein-rich foods enables our bodies to function properly. And, the ability to eat without fear of embarrassing moments or uncomfortable rubbing instills the confidence to be socially active. Because many social settings are centered around food, people who have Dental Implants know they can confidently eat, laugh and speak closely with others.

• Dental Implants are a ‘no regrets’ method of tooth replacement: I’ve never had one patient who felt their implants were anything but “the best investment I’ve ever made!”

For some people, the only ‘challenge’ when it comes to Dental Implants is the all-upfront expense. While they are an excellent investment, implant fees are paid before treatment completion. Budget constraints make some people uneasy with this type of commitment, especially when they’ve become used to a minimal investment and limited insurance coverage for most dentistry each year.

Some dental insurances tend to label Dental Implants as elective, as dentures and bridges require less coverage. However, when patients decide they will not allow an insurance company to dictate their health, comfort and self-confidence, insurance coverage becomes less important.

We believe an educated patient makes decisions that are best for their needs. To discuss replacing teeth with Dental Implants, call (828) 274-9440 to schedule a consultation. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss potential treatment expenses.

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