Bacteria In Gums Should Be Taken Seriously

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

There is a commercial on television for a nail fungus treatment. To illustrate its presence, the fungus is portrayed by a nasty-looking cartoon character. The ‘creature’ is representative of living cells that decompose nutrients. Although it is a viewer-friendly way to think of nail fungus, fungi are actually ugly and destructive.

As a Periodontist, I wish there was a similar illustration for oral bacteria. In my specialty, I see just how devastating bacterial accumulation in gum tissues can be. However, the American population is still widely unaware of the destructive effect this can have on one’s overall health and well-being, not to mention their smile.

When an individual cuts himself, he will wash the cut and bandage it. This prevents bacteria from creating an infection that can become serious, even deadly. Yet, when a person’s gums are bleeding from a simple act as brushing teeth, this warning sign of gum disease is often ignored, even thought of as normal.

Think of bacteria as living creatures in your mouth – because they are! Bacteria are micro-organisms that feed on your tissues. They reproduce in your mouth and even create waste! Oral bacteria destroy gum tissues and attack supporting bone. Untreated gum disease will result in eventual tooth loss.

Yet, the damage of gum disease bacteria doesn’t stop with your smile. Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream through tears in diseased tissue. Once bloodborne, the bacteria can trigger inflammatory reactions in the body. Research has linked gum disease bacteria to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, preterm babies and even impotency.

If you see blood in the sink while brushing, it’s anything but normal. Remember that this symptom represents an enormous colony of ugly little creatures who’ve claimed your mouth as their home. Then, vow to react. Ridding yourself of oral bacteria can be done comfortably and affordably with early treatment.

Call (828) 274-9440 to arrange a thorough examination. Your smile will thank you and you’ll be safe-guarding your overall health as well.

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