Be Cautious Of ‘New-fangled’ Implant Types

Posted on Jun 04, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

As a periodontal specialist who places many Dental Implants, I frequently cringe when I see TV commercials promoting ‘clinics’ who tout a particular type of implant to the masses. For example, the latest is the ‘mini-implant.’ Although mini dental implants do work for a few, they fail to provide the stability and longevity of other types that may have been far more appropriate.

Everyone wants to save money; we all want a good deal. Because Dental Implants are a financial commitment for most, spending money on an implant system that does not fulfill its purpose (or even requires removal) is a mere waste of money spent.

I remember several purchases because the price was so appealing. What I realized, in due time, was I had not really saved money at all. As a matter of fact, I ended up spending MORE in the long-run for repairs and/or replacements. Plus, I felt ‘taken.’

Dental Implants are designed in many shapes and sizes so a skilled, experienced doctor can select and place the implant that will work best for your specific needs. Be cautious with excitement over a potentially ‘cheaper’ option. And, don’t be surprised if these implant clinics try to talk you into a higher-priced version.

We’ve all heard, “Do it right the first time!” And, deep down, we know that’s the wisest and most economical route. It’s no different with Dental Implants. Find a doctor in whom you have full confidence and let him or her guide you to a successful outcome!

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