Best To Replace Single Tooth At Time Of Removal

Posted on Jun 07, 2015 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Occasionally, a single tooth requires removal. This could be due to a fracture that extends below the gum line. Or, this is necessary when a tooth is beyond repair that can be resolved with a crown. Because each tooth helps to keep neighboring teeth in proper position, promptly replacing any lost tooth is a wise decision.

When a single tooth is removed, many adults now choose to replace it with a dental implant at the time of removal. One advantage of this is the prevention of bone loss. By inserting the implant at the same time of tooth removal, you minimize the risk of ‘resorption.’ Resorption occurs when tooth roots are no longer present to provide stimulation to the bone. Without this, the bone begins to shrink, or ‘resorb,’ over time.  It is a fact that the teeth adjacent to areas of bone loss have the greatest risk of being the next to be lost.

Another benefit of same-day implant placement is the preservation of gum contours. When a tooth is lost, the arch of gum tissue and ‘points’ formed by tissues between each tooth begin to flatten within days. When an implant is immediately placed and the replacement tooth attached the same day, the natural contours of gum tissues are preserved.

Appearance is another reason for placing an implant and crown immediately following tooth removal. This means patients avoid the awkward and embarrassing look of a gap in their smile.

Immediate replacement is also beneficial when two or several teeth in a row are missing. Because one implant can often support a bridge of teeth, this saves on treatment cost while also preserving natural gum contours. Additionally, since the position in your upper or lower jaw bone is already to a proper depth and size, placing the implant following removal greatly simplifies the treatment time and procedural requirements.

As a Periodontal Specialist, I work with general dentists and other specialists on a regular basis. Through this team treatment approach, the patient receives a speedy result with an exceptional outcome. To discuss immediate placement implants or any type of dental implant, call (828) 274-9440. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation appointment so I can explain the process and answer your questions thoroughly.


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