Contact sports? Take no chances with your smile!

Posted on Jul 02, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

In my office, I see few things as unfortunate as an adolescent or adult who has had a tooth (or teeth) knocked out from sport participation. This ranges from bike accidents, soccer kicks, baseball and even T-ball. When it’s an adult tooth, the optimal solution is a Dental Implant, although it’s a shame to put a child or teen through that when it could have been so easily prevented.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that over half of the sports-related injuries that occur annually happen to those between 5 and 24 years old. Of course, most seem to occur during summer months when we’re taking advantage of the outdoors more frequently.

Because mouthguards separate soft tissues in the mouth from the teeth, they prevent cuts and bruising of the lips and cheeks. They also help to prevent broken or knocked out teeth. Mouthguards can also reduce the severity and incidence of concussions.

However, many people are unaware that, in some contact sport mishaps, the lower jaw can be jammed into the upper jaw, leading to jaw fractures, cerebral hemorrhage and neck injuries. Mouthguards help to prevent or greatly decrease the severity of these dangers as well.

A custom-made mouthguard provides the greatest protection, fit and comfort. Unlike drug store ‘boil-&-bite’ types, a custom fit doesn’t move around. Typically, the more comfortable the fit, the more willing an individual is to wear it. However, any mouthguard is better than no mouthguard!

Enjoy your summer and play til your heart’s content! With a custom-made mouthguard, you can play with more confidence and comfort.


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