Continual Problems In Your Mouth?

Posted on Sep 03, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Whenever I meet a new patient who expresses frustrations about always being in need of dental repairs, I can almost predict that they’ll have some level of periodontal (gum) disease.

A mouth that has healthy pink gums is generally one that has minimal bacteria. The lower the bacteria level in one’s mouth, the less risk one has of developing cavities, gum problems (including sensitivity), tooth loss and underlying issues with supporting bones.

Once a patient’s mouth is restored to good health, we work in unison with their general dentist (or can recommend one, if needed) to ensure their teeth are sufficiently repaired and/or replaced.

From this point on, maintaining a healthy mouth requires just minutes each day for oral care at home along with regular check-ups and dental cleanings twice a year. Most problems that occur thereafter are typically minimal and can be repaired easily.

If you built a new home, you’d certainly make sure it was positioned soundly on a dependable foundation. Your mouth needs a good foundation as well. Once your gums are healthy, those continual visits to repair problems should no longer be the case. Call (282) 274-9440 to arrange a consultation or examination appointment.



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