Dental Fear & Dental Phobias Not Uncommon

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

If you do not have a phobia when it comes to dental visits, feel lucky. For those with dental phobia, here’s what many experience:

• Not being able to sleep the night before a dental visit
• Being highly nervous while in the waiting room
• Crying when seeing a dentist or seeing instruments
• Feeling panicked when instruments are placed in the mouth
• Finding it difficult to breathe during treatment

According to a survey by the American Association of Endodontists (dentists who specialize in root canals), 80% of American adults fear the dentist with over half admitting they avoid seeing a dentist until the need becomes dire.

Approximately 5 – 10 percent of Americans are considered dental phobics, adults who are so terrified of dental visits that they avoid dental care altogether. And, according to a study involving over 11,000 adults, women are nearly twice as likely to have extreme anxiety than men.

We occasionally see an adults who, after finally gaining the strength to see a dentist, was lectured or made to feel guilty about not properly caring for their teeth. This is something I’ll never understand since it does nothing to help the patient feel more comfortable with their dental visits.

In our office, all patients are treated with respect and a gentle hand at every visit. For people who have a high level of fear or phobia, we can provide an oral sedation that is taken prior to their arrival. This allows them to be in a relaxed state before they reach our office. They are promptly seated in a treatment room and made comfortable while the sedation takes full effect.

If you have dental fears or know someone who does, please suggest they contact us at (828) 274-9440. When a is repair needed in the mouth, it will only worsen when care is delayed. Delay in care typically results in more extensive treatment, more time and greater expense.

Let’s discuss your fears. Then, we can talk about what will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable at every visit. Our job is to have you smiling your best – every day! Call to speak to our friendly receptionist to see how you can take that first step!

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