Dental Implant Placement & Sedation

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Occasionally, we have a Dental Implant patient who does not want to “be put to sleep” during treatment.

In our office, we use oral sedation. In pill form, no needles are used to administer the medication and the recovery is quick. Oral sedation enables patients to feel refreshed rather than the ‘spaced out’ feeling that I.V. sedation (or ‘twilight sleep’) can leave, although it does have an amnesiac effect. Some patients tell us they remember hearing  voices, but most have no memory of the procedure at all.

While the amnesiac effect is an appealing advantage of sedation, sedation helps patients be more relaxed. Since many implant placement procedures require over an hour’s time in the treatment chair, sedation helps to eliminate after-treatment fatigue from muscle tension.

In addition to sedation, we apply numbing medications to the area being treated to create optimal comfort for patients. We never want any procedure we perform to be painful at any time, regardless of the addition of sedation.

We treat all patients with respect and a gentle touch. We are just as committed to comfort for patients who do not want to be sedated as we are for those who are. Our goal is to help each person achieve a restored mouth that is healthy. If we can accommodate specific requests, such as treatment without sedation, then we will do what will provide the safest, most comfortable and successful outcome.

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