Five Easy Steps To Save Time & Money At The Dentist

Posted on Oct 03, 2016 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

The reason we change the filters in our home’s air vents is to keep our HVAC system operating efficiently and to avoid expensive repairs.

The reason we have our car’s oil changed on a regular basis is to ensure proper operation and to avoid major problems.

The reason we clean and bandage a cut is to prevent an infection from occurring, which could require the involvement of a doctor and prescription medications.

So, doesn’t it make perfect sense to spend just minutes each day to prevent dental problems from occurring that can be costly and time-consuming to repair?

Your oral health goes far beyond a confident smile. Over the years, extensive research has linked the bacteria of periodontal (gum) disease to heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, preterm babies and impotency.

Symptoms of periodontal disease include seeing blood while brushing, frequent bad breath, tender gums, gums that pull away from teeth and gum tissue that darkens from a healthy pink to red.

Oral bacteria can cause major destruction to teeth and gums, including tooth roots beneath the gum line. Once gum disease begins, it will only worsen without treatment. However, avoiding cavities and gum disease is nothing complicated. Quite frankly, it’s easy with a commitment to a thorough at-home regimen and regular dental check-ups.

Steps to help you avoid dental expenses include:

1). Brush twice a day for a minimum of two minutes using a soft bristle tooth brush and tooth paste with fluoride. At the end of brushing, brush your tongue to dislodge oral bacteria that are embedded there.

2).  Flossing can have a tremendous effect on controlling oral bacteria. Our hygienist can help you with your technique or you may wish to purchase an electronic flosser.

3). Drink plenty of water during the day and minimize colas, tea, coffee and energy drinks. These beverages contain high levels of caffeine, which has a drying affect on oral tissues. Also drying is smoking, which contains a lengthy list of toxic chemicals that are readily absorbed by moist gum tissues.

4). When eating citrus or acidic foods (including tomatoes, orange juice, wine and foods with vinegar), remember that these highly-acidic foods will mix with a digestive acid that’s produced in the mouth. This double-whammy of acid can soften tooth enamel for 20 – 30 minutes. Because brushing your teeth right after consuming these foods can wear down tooth enamel, wait 30 minutes after eating to brush. Rather, swish with water or chew sugarless gum during this time.

5). Sugar and carbohydrates give a super-boost to the reproduction of oral bacteria. Try to limit these foods and sugar-laden drinks to protect your smile and your waistline!

In addition to a thorough at-home routine, be committed to your 6-month exams and cleanings. These visits rid your smile of build-up that has occurred since your last appointment and catches problems while they are easy to treat.

Keep your money in your pocket by avoiding cavity repair and treatment for gum disease. Your smile AND your wallet will thank you!

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