Enjoy That Candy – Then Brush

Posted on Oct 31, 2012 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

It’s Halloween, and whether you’re escorting youngsters to Trick-Or-Treat or handing out the goodies, this is a holiday that has all ages indulging in lots of sugar! I’m all for occasional indulgences, so enjoy those mini-Snickers, Milky Ways and candy corn without guilt.

Just remember, every time you eat something, your mouth endures an acid attack. The acid produced from sugar does the most harm. This is why it’s important to brush after treating yourself. If you can’t brush, chew sugar-free gum or swish with water. And, be sure to brush and floss before bedtime.

The worst part of Halloween, to me, is afterwards. What children accumulate or the leftover sweets tend to be eaten here and there. It’s better to have children eat some of their sugary loot as dessert. This way, they merely add to the acid attack that’s already in process in conjunction with mealtime. Rather than nibble candy later on (sparking a new acid attack), the acid attack underway just continues a little longer.

Parental (and grand-parental) influence has much to do with helping children develop good oral hygiene habits as they grow. Be a good example of maintaining a healthy mouth between dental check-ups and brag about how great a clean mouth feels! And enjoy your healthy smile while you enjoy that Tootsie Roll!

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