Facing Tooth Removal? Why Dental Implant Placement Is Best Done Within 24 Hours.

Posted on Nov 20, 2017 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

For various reasons, a number of adults face the removal of a single tooth at some time in their lives. This may be necessary when a tooth is beyond repair than can be resolved with a crown or because of a fracture that extends below the gum line. Since every tooth plays a role in keeping adjacent teeth in their proper positions, promptly replacing a tooth after removal is a wise move.

A growing number of adults are now choosing to replace teeth with dental implants. There are a number of advantages in doing so at the time of removal, a particular one being the prevention of bone loss. By placing the implanted portion when the tooth is extracted, the risk of bone loss, known as ‘resorption,’ is minimized.

Resorption occurs when tooth roots no longer exist in the jaw bone to provide stimulation. Without the nourishment and stimulation of tooth roots, the bone begins to shrink over time. It is a fact that the teeth adjacent to areas of bone loss have the greatest risk of being the next to be lost.

Another benefit of immediate implant placement is the preservation of gum contours. When a tooth is removed, the arch of gum tissue and ‘points’ that dip slightly between each tooth begin to flatten. When an implant is placed promptly after removal, the natural contours of gum tissues are preserved.

Replacing a tooth should occur immediately to preserve bone mass and gum contours.

When two or several teeth in a row are missing, immediate implant placement can also be beneficial. Because one implant can often support a bridge of two or more teeth, this can help to curtail treatment cost while preserving the natural contours of the gum tissues.

Additionally, since the position in your upper or lower jaw bone is already to a proper depth and size, placing the implant following removal may simplify the treatment time and procedural requirements.

As a periodontal specialist, I have advanced training in treating all levels of periodontal (gum) disease as well as in the diagnosis and placement of dental implants. I regularly work with general dentists and dental specialists in team treatment so the patient enjoys an optimal outcome in minimal time.

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