Fresher Breath This Summer!

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Want some simple tips for fresh breath this Summer (and beyond)? Here are a few things to help with more confident closeness:

• Drink lots of water! Colas, sweet tea, and ‘power ades’ don’t count. Pure, clean water cleanses the mouth and adds to saliva’s ability to wash bacteria from the mouth. Bottled water, tap water or even water from a garden hose are all welcome!

• Rid oral bacteria from your tongue! The tongue is a perfect haven for bacteria to embed and reproduce. Ideally, use a tongue scrapper each day. If you don’t have one (in the oral care section of most drug stores), brush your tongue with your tooth brush. When your mouth has fewer bacteria, your breath will have a ‘cleaner’ scent.

• Relish summer fruits and skip sugary treats! Oral bacteria thrives BEST on acid attacks that occur every time you eat or drink when sugar is present. Natural sugar in fresh fruits doesn’t have the same impact.

Rely on a cuke! When your mouth is dry and a slice of cucumber is nearby, hold it against the roof of your mouth for a couple of minutes. This activates more saliva production, which helps to cleanse the mouth of particles and bacteria.

Enjoy your Summer with a smile and feel confident in closeness!

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