Give Your Smile A Healthy Foundation To Prevent Problems In The First Place!

Posted on Dec 16, 2013 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Imagine contracting a house painter to paint a home infested by termites. Or, even worse, knowing the house has termites and hoping they’ll go away.

Your smile is a reflection on your appearance, hygiene standards, personality, and affects speech, digestion and your ability to enjoy foods – enhancing your life every day in many ways. Yet, the value of a healthy mouth goes even further.

The bacteria of periodontal (gum) disease can become bloodborne through tears in gum tissue. As it travels throughout the body, this inflammatory bacteria can trigger reactions that have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, pre-term babies and even impotency. Gum disease is also the number one reason for adult tooth loss in this country.

The best way to have, and keep, a healthy mouth is to begin with its foundation. If your gums are not healthy, you will experience continual problems that just get worse and worse.

Your six-month dental hygiene visits remove tartar and plaque that has accumulated between visits. However, gums that are tender while your teeth are being cleaned is not necessarily because the hygienist is rough. Tender gums indicate the presence of bacteria. This is when periodontal therapy through a trained periodontal specialist will adequately help you regain a healthy mouth in a way that is appropriate to your individual needs.

For example, if your gum disease is at a specific level in some areas but not others, a Periodontist will customize your treatment accordingly so you don’t receive more (or less) treatment than necessary in any particular area. Your treatment by a Periodontist will restore your oral health for a foundation that is easy to maintain and actually helps you prevent problems in the first place.

A Periodontist has earned a dental doctorate and then continues an additional 3-4 years in school to become an expert in the soft tissues in your mouth, including dental implant placement. Think of it this way: Rather than have a house painter put a fresh coat of paint on termite infested siding, find the right person who can rid you of termites once and for all! Call (828) 274-9440 to learn more.

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