How Dentures Compromise Digestive Process

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

The most common complaint I hear from denture wearers is their frustration when eating. Food is such a centerpiece of gatherings. From family dinners during the holidays to wedding receptions to lunch out with friends, we tend to ‘gather together’ with food front and center.

When dentures do not fit properly, the pleasure of savoring foods you love is often accompanied by the fear of embarrassing slips or clicks. Yet, another repercussion of poor fitting dentures exists – a compromised digestive system.

Grade school science taught us that digestion begins in the mouth. Proper chewing coupled with sufficient saliva help to break down foods so its continued journey can be efficiently performed. Problem dentures typically result in a reduction in chewing and saliva flow, which in turn reduces the absorption and metabolism of key nutrients.

Because chewing efficiency and strength are greatly decreased by dentures, this often leads to a diet of softer foods that dissolve easily in the mouth. Unfortunately, these choices can be high in fats, sugar and calories. Additionally, less fiber intake from a diet low in fruits and vegetables leads to constipation and a reduced intake of vitamins and minerals.

Another problem associated with denture wear is aerophagia. This is excessive swallowing of air that can lead to a severely distended stomach, pain and poor digestion.

For those who prefer dentures, it’s important to maintain the most secure fitting denture possible. However, Dental Implants are rapidly becoming the tooth replacement option of choice for many adults. Implants can secure a denture by using the jaw bone as the foundation, just as natural teeth have. This restores biting strength and chewing stability. And, no more rubbing or slips!

Adults who switch to Dental Implants are pleased that they can resume eating the foods they love again. They can chew comfortably and laugh with friends without worry.

If your denture is compromising your ability to eat, it’s likely having negative effects on your digestive system as well. Protect your health and resume eating pleasure. Call (828) 274-9440 for a Consultation to discuss options best for your needs.

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