Individualized Care For Unique Patient Needs

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

I once heard the term, “not everything fits into a box.” I agree. While this may be related to the phrase, “think outside the box,” it reminds me of how we approach patient care.

As a Periodontist, my specialty includes treating all levels of periodontal (gum) disease, reshaping gum tissues, and the diagnosis and placement of dental implants. Summed up, however, I restore smiles to a healthy, confident state. This is why I love what I do.

Dr. William Claiborne, Biltmore Periodontics

Dr. William Claiborne,
Biltmore Periodontics

In our office, we only exist because of our patients. That’s where our commitment lies and is the foundation for every decision we make. This is also why we look at each patient’s needs individually. No two mouths are alike and no two patients are alike.

As far as gum disease goes, there are various stages that require different approaches in order to effectively treat it. Although some individuals may have similar stages of gum disease as others, certain factors must be considered as the most appropriate treatment is determined.

In addition to their existing level of gum disease, we take into account the patient’s age, medical and dental history, their current medications, and number of remaining teeth. We also consider any anxiety or fears associated with dental procedures.

Fear has been a major deterrent for many to receive regular dental care. This is why adults often end up with gum disease and tooth loss. By the time many arrive at my office, they are at a point where they have no other choice in order to rid their mouths of the infectious bacteria or replace missing teeth from to the destructive nature of gum disease.

To help anxious or fearful patients relax, we make sure we are communicating thoroughly. Our belief is that patients who are fully informed of their needs and the procedures required are more confident in proceeding with treatment. This, in turn, creates a patient who is able to relax and let fears go.

Some patients are unable to relax, however. This is why our office provides Oral or I.V. Sedation. Oral sedation is a pill form of relaxation. Although most patients have little or no memory of the procedure afterwards, this provides deep relaxation with a quick recovery.

I.V. sedation (also referred to a ‘twilight sleep’) is a deeper level of relaxation. This is an in-the-vein medication administered via a drip. Patients doze while their procedures are accomplished and have no memory of their treatment. Recovery time is longer but some patients are fine with that. Most are able to resume normally within 24 hours.

Regardless of the sedation chosen, patients are closely monitored by trained staff and advanced safety equipment. Your safety is as important to us as your comfort, so we ensure all measures are taken to provide both to optimal levels.

Please know that your procedure, comfort option, and individual needs are important to everyone in this office. We promise you’ll be respected, given exceptional care, and never over-treated or under-treated. We are here to help you regain the smile you desire.

Your oral health is a vital component of your overall health. Research has shown that the health of your gums and number of teeth directly correspond to a healthier you. Don’t delay care that you need, even if fear has prevented this in the past.

To begin, call 828-274-9440 and schedule a consultation appointment. During this time, we can discuss the treatments that may work best for your needs. I’ll explain comfort options and have our financial coordinator review payment options with you, if desired.


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