Men Over 35 Have More Health Risks

Posted on Mar 17, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

An article in the Journal of Periodontology lists nine risk factors for tooth loss due to periodontal (gum) disease, which is the nation’s leading cause of tooth loos.

Risk factors include:
Being over the age of 35
Being a male
Never getting professional dental care
Never using a toothbrush
Having diabetes
Having high blood pressure
Having rheumatoid arthritis

Although age and gender are unchangeable, decisions to not brush your teeth or to smoke, for example, are something you can control.

Why should you worry about gum disease? In addition to causing tooth loss, oral bacteria can enter then bloodstream through tears in diseased tissues in the mouth. Once bloodborne, this bacteria can trigger an inflammatory reaction elsewhere in the body.

The bacteria of gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, memory loss, preterm babies, arthritis, diabetes, and even impotency.

If you aren’t concerned about losing teeth, then these additional health risks should get your attention. Treating gum disease before it becomes severe can be done comfortably and affordably. Payment options are available for those without dental insurance.

Gum disease will only worsen without treatment. Call (828) 274-9440 if you have tender, sore gums that are red in color rather than a healthy pink. You need to be seen promptly.

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