New Technology Means No More Messy Impressions

Posted on Sep 22, 2017 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

In addition to staying on top of the latest techniques and materials in periodontal treatment, I select advanced technology based upon its benefits to our patients. In addition to technology that helps to optimize treatment outcome, I incorporate advancements that allow patients to move efficiently and comfortably from the exam process to treatment to the final results.

This is what Carestream 3600 provides with fast, easy and accurate digital imaging. What is this?

Carestream 3600

If you’ve had impressions of the inside of your mouth made, you probably recall having a mold filled with an oozy substance placed over the upper or lower portion. This was held in place to ‘set’ firm and was then rocked back and forth to remove. From this impression, a mold was made to show unique contours that would be involved in treatment.

Using Carestream 3600, we are able to eliminate that process altogether while creating vibrant full HD 3D images. Using a small handheld device, I scan the full arch in one continuous motion for a more comfortable experience for our patient.

Carestream provides precision dimensions at every angle. While this helps us to achieve outstanding clinical results, our patients no longer need to have messy impressions taken.

Carestream 3600 also makes sharing the images with referring doctors or with a dental lab more straightforward—resulting in clearer communication and faster turnaround. I have found it to be especially helpful for Dental Implant cases.

We are pleased that our patients can enjoy a simpler process through this advanced technology. For more about Carestream 3600, visit:




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