Psychological & Social Issues Associated With Tooth Loss

Posted on Sep 08, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Are feelings of depression overwhelming you? Is your self-esteem an issue? Having problems advancing in life or your career? Feel nervous or self-conscious in social settings? According to a presentation at an Annual Meeting of the Academy of General Dentistry several years ago, you may want to start by checking your smile.

Tooth loss may very well be the culprit, and you’re not alone. Nearly 20 million teeth are extracted each year, leaving scores of people to deal with the psychological affects of an “incomplete” smile.

Asuman Kiyak, PhD addressed the psychological issues affecting people who deal with tooth loss and discussed how this loss can affect one’s quality of life. In Dr. Kiyak’s course, she covered the traumatic effects a patient endures after tooth loss, focusing on ways to help them cope with and understand their options for restoring their smile.

In fact, survey results from nearly 20,000 AGD members revealed that over 86% of dentists reported social embarrassment is one of their patients’ greatest problems associated with tooth loss and more than half of these patients avoid social interaction because of it.

In coping with tooth loss, Dr. Kiyak encourages patients to:

•Weigh the pros and cons for replacement teeth or even root canal therapy to save a tooth.

•Review videos or photos of others who have lost teeth and their current status with removable or implant-supported dentures.

•Read testimonials of others who have undergone tooth loss and replacement of teeth with removable or implant-supported dentures.

Helping patients enjoy healthy, natural teeth for a lifetime is always our goal. However, for patients who must replace teeth, the look, feel, and function is no less important to their well-being. This is why many adults now select Dental Implants for tooth replacement. They restore biting and chewing function and are designed to last a lifetime. It’s like getting natural teeth back.

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