Selection Of Dental Implants Offers Affordable Options

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Have you ever made a purchase decision based on a lower cost but found you ended up with less than pleased with the outcome? We all have. It’s natural to want a ‘good deal’ when it comes to how we spend our hard-earned money. However, there is nothing worse than the feelings of regret upon realizing the savings weren’t worth what was sacrificed in the end.

When I discuss dental implants with new patients, I find some arrive with preconceived notions that Dental Implants are out of their price range. Since the costs for dental implants are, for the most part, upfront, they are often assumed as more expensive when comparing costs to other tooth replacement options. With implants, however, there is far more to consider when comparing actual costs.pigbank

When it comes to replacing teeth, the majority of adults understand options like dentures, partials and crown-&-bridge combinations. While people are generally familiar with how these work, dental implants can be more complicated.

For example, dental implant systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences. Some are designed for minimal bone depth and others help to support a full arch of teeth. Naturally, a number of factors play a role in calculating the overall cost for treatment.

Yet, unlike a bridge or dentures, dental implants are a one-time expense when it comes to replacing teeth. Dental implants will never decay, need root canals or compromise neighboring teeth or supporting structures. Even more appealing – dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. With proper selection, placement and maintenance, dental implants are designed to last your lifespan.

The advantages of dental implants go beyond tooth replacement. Dental implants are positioned in the jaw bone, which provides the same, dependable foundation as natural teeth. Their presence restores stimulation to the jaw bone, helping to preserve the bone’s mass. Without this stimulation, the bone resorbs, which is a process of continual decline in bone mass.

Resorption is the reason that dentures that fit snugly when first made will begin to move and slip over time. Because resorption reduces bone height, the ridge that the denture was made to conform to begins to flatten. The declining ridge can no longer provide the denture with a sufficient base. Denture adhesives become of little help while chewing. Eventually, people opt for a diet of soft foods that dissolve easily in the mouth to avoid sore spots on tender gum tissues or embarrassing slips.

Declining bone mass also leads to changes in facial appearance, contributing to an appearance that is far older than one’s actual age. As bone mass declines, people see the formation of jowls, deep wrinkling around the mouth, and having the corners of the mouth turn downward, even when smiling. As the bone thins further, the chin points and the nose moves closer to the chin, creating a ‘granny look.’

The fees for Dental Implants are largely determined by the number of implants placed. In most cases, an implant is not necessary to replace each missing tooth. For example, if you are missing several or even a full arch (all upper or lower) of teeth, several strategically-placed implants can often provide sufficient support. To replace several teeth that are missing in one area, one implant can often support a bridge of two or more teeth.

An added advantage of implants is they do not rely on the crowning of adjacent teeth in order to support a bridge. While a traditional crown-&-bridge combination relies on adjacent teeth for support, an implant uses the sturdy foundation of your jaw bone.

We believe the investment you make when replacing teeth should make you as happy now as it does twenty years from now. If you feel the barrier to achieving a confident smile is the cost, begin with a consultation appointment. During this time, we will discuss the implant system that will work best for your individual needs and goals and anticipated cost. We can also recommend payment plans that help you achieve your goals while making easy monthly payments.

The comfort and confidence of your smile is too important to compromise. Call 828-274-9440.

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