Tax Refund? Turn It Into An Everyday Joy!

Posted on Feb 05, 2013 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

When I hear folks talk about how they’ll spend an anticipated tax refund, it’s often about ‘splurges,’ such as a cruise, new furniture, or down payment on a car. I always wonder if these indulgences end up providing as much pleasure as the individual envisioned them providing.

As a Periodontist, I see how the lives of people change as a result of having Dental Implants. For those who have suffered for years with an ill-fitting denture, I can’t think of a wiser use of money. Regaining the ability to chew comfortably and dependably is priceless to them. They savor foods they haven’t been able to enjoy in years, such as corn-on-the-cob, thick steak, and hard pretzels. They can laugh again in social settings without worry. Plus, they tell me they feel more outgoing and smile more.

For those who have a partial or a bridge, replacing these with implanted teeth assures them they have halted bone loss that occurs when natural tooth roots are missing. Dental implants also helps to protect their remaining natural teeth.

Our smile is a precious part of every day. We need stable teeth to eat, speak, smile and enhance our appearance. If you could benefit from Dental Implants (or know someone who can), convert this year’s refund into an everyday pleasure that’ll last a lifetime! Call (828) 254-1944 for a consultation.

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