That “Good Deal” On Dental Implants Probably Isn’t

Posted on Feb 10, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

I was driving down the interstate recently and saw a billboard advertising “Dental Implants – $999!” As a Periodontist who places Dental Implants for patients referred by highly qualified General Dentists, this worries me. Those drawn initially to a “good deal” on implants aren’t always getting the whole picture.

Although the dentist using the billboard may, indeed, be well-qualified to place and restore Dental Implants, this price is deceiving, in my opinion. What is not made clear is the fact that $999 only covers each implant, which is the portion that is placed into the jaw bone to serve as a tooth root replacement. Not included in this price (mentioned in small print that most folks can’t read going 70mph) is the “abutment” that is placed inside the implant. This ‘implant post’ is what holds the crown or bridge of two or more teeth.

Then, there is an additional cost for the replacement teeth. Once you pay the $999 for the implanted portion and another fee for the abutment, these items won’t do you much good without replacement teeth. The teeth are another fee. Other fees that may not be included are sedation, operatory suite fees, etc.

My recommendation? Ask your General Dentist to refer you to dental specialists who are specifically trained in Dental Implant placement (primarily Periodontists). During the consultation, ask about his or her success rate, number of years of experience, and the steps they take to avoid the risk of implant failure. Then discuss fees.

Once your implants are placed and ready for restoration, your General Dentist will guide you from that point. The key to getting the most for your investment with Dental Implants is having the treatment done right the first time. That’s what creates the ultimate bargain!

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