The Best Time To Replace A Tooth Is Following Extraction

Posted on Feb 09, 2013 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

Let’s say you’ve cracked a tooth below the gum line. It’s too late for a crown and now requires removal. There are several reasons why it’s more advantageous to place a Dental Implant at the time of extraction.

By combining the two procedures, you save treatment time and numbing for a second procedure. This also allows for the implant to be positioned into the same place as the just-removed tooth root, so drilling a slot in the upper or lower jaw is not necessary.

Another benefit is the preservation of the natural contours of the gum tissue. Each tooth is bordered by gum tissue that slightly arches with points that dip in-between each two teeth. Immediate implant placement helps preserve these natural contours. This means you avoid the shrinking of these tissues from delay, which gives a flat look.

Many of today’s implants can have teeth attached immediately. If you find that a tooth will have to be extracted, consider the many advantages of having your implant placed as part of the procedure.

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