Ways To Have A Successful Outcome With Dental Implants

Posted on Jul 16, 2018 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

For many individuals who wish to replace one or more missing teeth, dental implants have become the leading preference. Dental implants restore the look, feel, and function like that of natural teeth. They also help to prevent bone shrinkage that occurs when tooth roots are no longer present in the jaw bone.

A periodontist has advanced training in the diagnosis and placement of dental implants. He or she can help you enjoy a higher potential for dental implant treatment that lasts your lifetime. There are a number of reasons you should strongly consider having a periodontal specialist involved in your treatment.

SELECTION OF IMPLANTS – Dental implants come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Each system is designed to accommodate certain needs and preferences. For example, some implants are designed to support a full arch of teeth while others can be placed in areas where a great deal of bone loss has occurred. The selection of the implant type that is appropriate for your needs and goals requires a unique understanding of all implant types. That is, a periodontist can select the type that will work best for you rather than go with the one or two in which they have received training.

PLACEMENT OF IMPLANTS – In addition to selecting the best type for your needs, proper placement of implants has a great deal to do with having a successful outcome. When an implant that is too long, for instance, is placed in bone that is too shallow, it can have future repercussions that may require its removal. This could occur when a lower implant is placed too close to a nerve that runs horizontal through the jaw bone (mandible). Or, when an upper implant is placed in shallow bone, it can work its way into the sinus cavity. A periodontal specialist considers intricate factors that can effect your potential for success.

STRUCTURAL ISSUES – In addition to the factors involved with bone loss, other issues can ‘make or break’ having a successful treatment outcome with dental implants. For example, for people who have bite misalignment or TMJ disorders, they may be grinding or clenching their teeth during sleep – often unknowingly. Telltale signs of ‘bruxing’ including remaining, natural teeth that are chipped or worn. These forces have been measured to that enough to crack a walnut! When dental implants endure these forces, especially during their ‘healing’ phase, there is greater risk for implant failure. A periodontist considers these issues prior to your treatment, helping you to bypass problems that can result in eventual removal.

INDIVIDUALIZED TREATMENT CONSIDERATIONS – Our goal is to help you get the most from your dental implants. When there are individual habits or preferences that can complicate success, we work with each patient to help them enjoy their dental implants for a lifetime. For smokers, we advise ways to support saliva flow and minimize oral bacteria levels. For people who take certain medications that can interfere with oral moisture, we recommend methods to keep the mouth properly hydrated. And so on. We want to make sure your care is individualized so your potential for implant success is high!

Unfortunately, I have seen a number of patients over the years who have had implants that were improperly placed or chosen. It is a significant loss for the patient when they have to have these implants removed and start all over. Like any procedure, you want your treatment time and investment to be successful and a pleasant experience. We do, too!

If you’ve considered dental implants to replace missing teeth, let’s discuss how a periodontal dental office can enhance your potential to enjoy confident smiles and chewing comfort for your lifetime! Call 828-274-9440 to schedule an appointment.

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