Why Dentists Refer You To A Specialist

Posted on Jan 27, 2014 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

I interact with a great many general dentists in our area who provide exceptional care. These doctors truly have the best interests of their patients and know when to perform a procedure and when it’s best to refer the patient to a specialist.

When a patient is comfortable and confident with their general dentist, they may insist that he or she perform all procedures. This can often be the case with high fear patients. Although some patients resist being referred to a specialist, this can place a generalist in an awkward position. To appease the patient, some will attempt to perform periodontal treatment, root canals or extractions that should be performed by specialists in these areas.

All of us in the dental profession, deep down, know our capabilities; things we are well-trained and qualified to do. We are also aware there are particular procedures where we will be less effective than a specialist. Attempting some of these can be downright risky when not performed by adept hands.

If your dentist encourages you to see a periodontist and you’re resistant, I advise starting with a consultation appointment to discuss the treatment you need and any concerns you have.

I have tremendous faith in our community of general dentists and admire their ethics, skills, and commitment to optimal patient care. However, there are a few in every profession who make decisions based on profits rather than those they serve. Getting effective treatment for periodontal disease can be performed in an effective and efficient manner by a periodontist.

A dental specialist’s goal is to provide you with optimal treatment for particular oral needs and work in conjunction with your general dentist for your best outcome possible. To discuss your needs, call (828) 274-9440.

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