Why You Dread Those Dental Cleanings

Posted on Dec 18, 2013 by William J. Claiborne, DDS MS

It’s pretty rare that I run into someone who claims to “enjoy” getting their teeth cleaned. As a matter of fact, I not only hear the opposite from most people, occasional complaints about how “rough” their Hygienist is accompany the dislike of these visits.

The reality of this is not a hard-handed Hygienist or that dental cleanings are merely dreadful procedures. The reality is (drum roll) your cleanings are uncomfortable because your gums are tender. And, the reason your gums are tender is because you probably don’t floss your teeth.

Tender gums indicate that bacteria is attacking your sensitive oral tissues. Gums that bleed easily are a symptom of periodontal (gum) disease. If treated early, the cost and time required to restore your gums to a healthy state will be minimal. However, as gum disease progresses (and it WILL without treatment), the procedure is more involved.

Once your gums are restored to good oral health, it is a simple process to keep them that way. However, this requires twice daily brushing (at minimum), daily flossing (not a difficult or time-consuming task once you get the hang of it), monitoring sugar intake and drinking plenty of water to keep the mouth moist.

We see a number of patients periodically who have had their gums restored to a healthy state for evaluation and cleanings in-between visits to their regular dentist’s office. They come in smiling and leave smiling. Their cleanings are neither dreaded or uncomfortable. And, their smiles sparkle and their teeth are at minimal risk for cavities.

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